We all feel a little inadequate from time to time. That shouldn’t be the reason to keep us from reaching out for what we want. A little while ago, I had looked into the Danielle LaPort’s Desire Map. I was stunned, to say the least, by the fountain of amazing resources she makes available to her viewers. Going through the website, I realized something profound: that I have a desire to connect to people, but also to myself again.  I immediately recognized that my lack of connectedness and my feeling of being insufficiently equipped to build the relations I desired, were stifling my growth. What left me even more dumbfounded was the fact that I hadn’t even realized I’d been having trouble connecting.

This is something that people all across the world struggle with. Not with connection per se, but rather with the feeling of being incapable. However, even the tiniest bit of doubt can snowball into something emotionally immobilizing and it can fatally wound your willpower to reach your dreams. Yet, there are some who deal with their feelings enviably well. So what’s the secret? Can I bottle it and wear it as my success-perfume? Why do they get the gold, even when they’re afraid of mining in the dark? Well, it really boils down to a mix of willpower, steadfastness and determination.


Before you deal with the feelings of being ill-equipped, be sure to set your perspective of your goals right. Start with the following checklist:


  • Identify and narrow down your goals. If you have complex dreams that require more than one step, bullet-point each step as a separate goal that requires its own map.
  • Remind yourself that your “journey” goals are equally important to your “end-destination” goals. It’s so easy to set your sights on an amazing house, with the huge garden and enough space for 3 bright-eyed children and a wonderful family guard dog. It’s even easier to disregard planning the hard work and dedication involved in getting there. And that brings me to the next point:
  • Be truthful about your dreams, desires and your chosen methods of attaining these milestones.


Once you’ve tackled the above points, move on to see how you can keep from feeling inadequate.


  • Guard your dreams from prying eyes. Everyone and their pet turtles have something to say about what you want out of life. Don’t let anyone be the catalyst to your failure. Don’t allow anyone near your dream, until you have secured it within yourself already.
  • Keep supportive people around you.
  • Be supportive of yourself as well as realistic.
  • Be positive about any inadequacy you may be feeling. It’s a sure sign that you feel you could learn more or grow more in a certain area to feel you have what it takes to make a success of it. Rather than backing down emotionally or backing out physically, seize the moment with both hands and find inspiration. Motivate yourself again by expanding your knowledge. So, sign up for a course, read articles that inspire you (Tiny Buddha’s got a great one to start with with, so does Life Optimizer. And here’s one more from the com just for good measure), ask advice from a seasoned veteran or simply put in the hours to get practiced experience in.


When your inadequacy is given the opportunity to outshine your goals, you’ve already lost. Owning a gorgeous sport-model car is great, but if your fear of driving it keeps you from getting into the car every day, it becomes a wasted dream. Master your feelings and turn them into opportunities to ensure that you can successfully keep moving forward with every step you take. Every goal or desire in life, as Danielle points out in her Desire Map, needs direction and as my husband always says: “without the steps you take today, you cannot expect to arrive tomorrow.”





The Desire Map by Danielle LaPorte opens a wonderful gateway between you and your own desires, it’s exceptional. It’s so very real and down-to-earth, making for an excellent reading journey. The goals and suggestions put forward feel right within your reach.  She puts things into perspective and gets straight to the point. It’s really an inspiration to read.


As a huge added bonus, the products Danielle has developed to support the Desire Map movement, are simply mind blowing. The wonderful resources she has available on her website have been a fountain of fresh water for me, in a time when I was desperately thirsty.  


I honestly couldn’t wait to get my hands on my very own copy of Desire Map when I first came across it, and I can say it’s something I am truly happy to have stumbled across. It has certainly opened my eyes to so many things, and in doing so opened doors for me where I had previously shut them.


What makes this book, and the entire range stand out from the rest, is the sheer sincerity behind it. It focuses on the inner, more abstract desires first and then looks toward your outer wishes and goals. The idea being that if you achieve happiness from within first, you have achieved the ultimate goal already.


Absolutely a fantastic read and I’m sincerely grateful to have come across it first, right here on the Just Harmony blog.





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Rayne is mom to 3 gorgeous little love muffins and a wife to an amazing twinflame. She’s been known to call a spade a spade when things get rough. But mostly, she loves Love, Kindness, Compassion and Understanding and is a proud ambassador of all things Light.


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