Harmony and balance in your life


A person is made up of many different parts. These are not just physical parts either. Our minds define who we are and how happy we are in the world. You can judge a person’s personal harmony by examining their physical health, romantic interests, indulgences, intelligence, financial situation, fears, goals, passions, religious beliefs, and more. When you are able to balance all of these different things that make up who you are, then you will achieve true harmony. Now this doesn’t necessarily mean you will walk around being happy all the time. It just means you won’t be miserable all the time. This is why it is a “balance.”
There is not a human being alive that doesn’t want to be happy and have peace of mind. Unfortunately, very few people ever have the mental clarity and balance in their life that they hope to achieve. Why do you think that is? Well the modern age has certainly put more pressure on people for one thing. The economy is in turmoil so people are working as hard as they can for little money in the hopes they will be able to feed their families. When we have extensive pressures like these hanging over our heads, it can be hard to ever find a sense of balance and peace in our lives.
What you have to realize is life will always throw challenges and problematic situations your way. Many people think harmony means eliminating all problems and conflict from your life in order to be in a state of constant bliss. But this is an unrealistic expectation and you will never achieve it. That is why you need to balance the problems in your life by redirecting your energy properly. For example, let’s say you are a guy who is desperately looking for a date. You ask out multiple girls and they all refuse to go out with you. Since you are putting all of your energy into this problem, it is going to make you miserable and depressed. So what you would do is direct this energy for getting a date towards a new problem. Maybe you always wanted to learn how to play the piano or lose weight. By putting your energy in these new problems, you will take away energy from the older problem that was making you miserable. This creates a balance of energy, which will make you feel better and accomplish more at the same time.

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  • Jason Clark
    April 7, 2015 4:36 am

    Pretty awesome I must say. All I see around me are people working like an ass 24/7 365 days without doing the much needed balancing act and usually die full regrets and subsequent sadness. I know the life is tough and all but what isn’t. Nothing is more important for our mind, body and our soul than balance, which brings the ultimate harmony in life.

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