Harmony & Relationships

Harmony & Relationships

Jelly and Custard and the people in your life…

Watching a child eat a bowl of Jelly and Custard one comes to think about the wibbles and wobbles in life and the people in life that complement us and hopefully we complement them.

Jelly and Custard are two things that complement each other extremely well, and things that even when eaten alone are fine but together become awesome.  And then one begins to think… “who do you surround yourself with for success?” Do you surround yourself with people that make life “ok” or do you surround yourself with people that can make your life awesome?

It’s a very simple thing; it’s commonly known that by surrounding yourself with the right people you will get better or exceptional results. Like-minded people relax you, some people inspire you and others allow you to ask and get answers. Surrounded by these people, with your positive attitude, great idea and determination will create the above excellent result that Custard adds to Jelly or even Cream adds to strawberries.

Do you surround yourself with the right people?  Are the people you surrounding yourself with hindering or helping your success? Are you eating your Jelly with Gravy? Are you pouring your Custard on beef stew?  Want to find out?

There is simple yet rather strange exercise that will see you come to some very interesting findings about the people in your life. This is life changing information and you can have it.  Do the test and you will, its fairly certain that you will get an answer to quite a few questions you may have about yourself and your success with the biggest being… Do the people you spend your life with complement you?

The simple friend test

Write down a list of people you interact with in one column, and in 4 more columns next to the name list the following:

Column 1 – is the person a friend, family or work connection?

Column 2 – how long have you known the person?

Column 3 – does this person praise you criticise you?

Column 4 – is the person more about themself or about others?

Column 5 – does the person share the same values as you?

It’s quite a personal test and you must be honest, brutally honest. You will soon see patterns that you can relate to your life and times. You will also soon see whether the people in your life are good for you or bad for you, and from this point what you do is your choice. You will soon see if you some custard for your Jelly or the other way around or if your gravy is being poured over roast beef. Jelly and custard works… it may wobble a bit but the sweetness of the two brings perfection!


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