How to Live Your Life After Losing Your Beloved Child

How to Live Your Life After Losing Your Beloved Child

How to Live Your Life After Losing Your Beloved Child

When a child dies, regardless of age or cause, it can be very overwhelming for the parents who will never be completely prepared to bury their child before them. The grief of parents is complex, intense and long lasting. The process of grief and healing has the same elements for every bereaved parent.

Parents might feel that they no longer have anything to live for and thus contemplate about being free from this intense pain. A lot parents will naturally feel this way yet rest assured that the sense of meaning and purpose will return. The pain will lessen. However, among the most demanding challenges that you are going to face is how you will refocus your whole life. Losing the purpose and the mere thought of having to live the remaining years of your life without your beloved child can be really frightening.
It is just normal for you to reexamine your priorities or even question belief structures. If you work outside your home, try to concentrate on scheduling some extra time off from your work and plan in advance as to how you are going to handle the special days like holidays and anniversary dates. Most of the time, the day is much easier compared to the dread that commonly leads to it.

Discuss about the loss and pain with the rest of your family. Revisit the good memories that you have of your child and not only the immediate memories of his or her death. You also have to remember that all members of the family are also grieving and they do it in their own unique way. It will be best if you express what you feel instead of internalizing them. Cry if you need to for it has been proven that crying is both therapeutic and healthy.

Let your friends extend their help. If they ask you if there is something that they can do for you, never hesitate in telling them what you need. It helps you and it can help them at the same time.

There might also be a need for a professional help or a support group where you can find the comfort and hope that you need through sharing your story with other people. This way, you will gain insights about your reactions and learn the ways on how to cope with them. Sharing can also ease loneliness and allow the expression of your grief within an atmosphere of understanding and acceptance.

Bereaved parents usually try doing something constructive to commemorate their daughters or sons. A lot of them have created scholarships, established memorial funds, awarded books to the libraries, made donations to charities, planted trees and gotten involved in rendering help to others. For most parents, these acts help in keeping the vibrant memories of their children that give them the chance to feel the beauty of the love and life of their child. These activities are not just a great tribute for at the same time, these can also help you heal while you experience a sense of purpose.


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  • Kevin
    June 19, 2015 9:30 pm

    My dad always tells me that nothing in the world brings more pain to the parents whose child has left the world before them. While, I’m not yet married and don’t have children, I can surely understand the unbearable pain those parents have to go through seeing the permanently still bodies of their beloved children in front of their eyes. Having said that, life can and should never be stalled. Everyone has to keep moving. The very valid and logical points raised by the author in this beautiful post should help even the most devastated parents come out of that insurmountable pain and find a purpose in life again. Well done!

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