JBH New Life Coach

JBH New Life Coach

William Ty Walker M.A, LPCC,BCC, Life Coach Roswell,NM 88230 575-420-5555
William Ty Walker
Life Coach
Roswell,NM 88230

I have been fortunate to have been exposed to many learning opportunities and experiences in my life to continue to share with others in all walks of life .Born and raised in the southwest in the city and the country. I have always had a passion to help others and have been blessed with good health and good education to pass it on. I’m married with grown kids. Although I am working full time now, I am on the cusp of my own retirement plan in a couple of years hopefully somewhere near the beaches of Florida

Professional experience:

Licensed in the state of New Mexico as a professional counselor since 1994 include other professional designations to work in schools, colleges, private practice, business, elderly care career, fitness, wellness, veterans, retirees and clergy.

How I like to coach:

I am a nonjudgmental,supportive,goal- oriented focused coach who looks towards the future with my clients on what they want and how are they going to get it with my help. I work to assist you to turn challenges into opportunities for your success. I look at the whole person, so health and wellness is very important to my sessions

Looking forward to coaching you:

It won’t be easy for some baby boomers and others in the future to switch gears as they are approaching retirement now or later. Most have not even thought about it yet. For those that are retired and those that are thinking about it I want to partner with you as your gearbox as your life coach.
The second stage of life may require coaching for most folks to help reinvent themselves and help them find their new identity in this new level of living.

My playbook will provide resources and strategies for you based on your desired goals to help manage and obtain those goals this new journey by focusing on your relationships, hobbies, financial, careers and personal wellness.

Together we can discover and implement these new ideas and strategies for a more fulfilling life for yourself your loved ones.

Remember you are the expert about you, and I am the expert about the process for transforming your life together.

As a Life Coach, I specialize in the following areas:

Retirement Transition Coach
Wellness Coach
Career Coach
Military Transition Life Coach
Personal Growth
Professional Development
Confidence & Personal Power
Health, Fitness & Weight Issues
Reinventing Ourselves
Living in Times of Transition
Reflecting, Reviewing, and Redefining Your Life
Midlife Transition—Changing direction or lifestyle or starting a new
Turning dreams into realistic goals
Planning strategically to meet goals
Gaining a sense of direction and control in life
Pro-active Retirement—retiring with intention, a plan, to create a meaningful life, not just stopping work.

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The Guide For LIVING THE BEST TIME Of The Rest Of Your Life!

  • coverLike any process in life, retirement is a transition that occurs in stages. For some people, it happens very fast and easy and for others it takes more time to adapt to it. If you’re planning to retire soon or you’re already on the path to retirement, learning the stages of this process can be a powerful tool to be prepared emotionally and mentally for the challenges that may lay ahead of you. Retiring can be a challenging and exciting process, you’re transitioning from a busy, work-oriented lifestyle to a much more peaceful and quiet one. There are many emotions that you will feel throughout this process and the objective of this article is to help you find out what those will be and be prepared on how to handle them. Before you finally retire, most of these emotions will be felt all at once. Somedays you will feel one way and days later or weeks, you’ll feel entirely different. Remember that this ambivalence of feelings is normal and is all part of the transitioning process. To Learn More Contact me @ Ty@JustBeInHarmony.com

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