Meditation and Yoga

Meditation and Yoga

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Meditation is as old as the human race itself. Its significance and importance is simply undeniable for one’s physical and mental health. This is the reason why this centuries old process of cleansing ones’ soul and mind is still this much popular today. Yoga is another form of meditation widely practiced by individuals all around the world. This 5000 years old Hindu discipline helps its followers in relaxation and to work towards a better and healthier lifestyle. So let’s see how YOU can enjoy harmony and true inner peace with meditation and yoga.
“Dedicating some time to meditation is a meaningful expression of caring for yourself that can help you move through the mire of feeling unworthy of recovery. As your mind grows quieter and more spacious, you can begin to see self-defeating thought patterns for what they are, and open up to other, more positive options.”
– Sharon Salzbergbeingyourself

Meditation has many advantages, as proven by tons of research done on the subject. First and foremost, meditation helps one fight and maintain stress, which helps avoid many unwanted stress related diseases. The relaxation and harmony that meditation has to offer is so effective that when done right, it can actually reduce your body’s production of chemicals like cortisol, which causes stress and increase the production of mood enhancing chemicals like serotonin. This relaxed mood will also help you in staying healthy and, most importantly, happy all the time. Yoga is no different!

“Yoga is the settling of the mind into silence. When the mind has settled we are established in our essential nature, which is unbounded consciousness. Our essential nature is usually overshadowed by the activity of the mind”
– Patanjali

Yoga also helps one to increase their flexibility and strengthen one’s muscles. Yoga has also proven to be effective in helping people lose weight and keeping them active and charged for the entire day. It’s truly a refreshing practice but it is way more than just a healthy physical exercise. Yoga also focuses on breathing and connecting to one’s inner self for body and mind. This allows for a deeper connection with one’s owndesire_500x500_2 mind and body and allows for the possibility of control over unwanted emotions, sheer relaxation and happiness. Meditation is also a part of Yoga but could also be treated as a separate practice which focuses solely on mind and spirit. The end result being complete inner harmony and mental peace.

All in all, meditation and yoga are one of the finest ways how one can truly find inner peace and live their lives in harmony. It may sound a bit time consuming or confusing at first, but not to worry! We, at, are here to guide you through all meditation and yoga related queries

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  • Evelyn
    April 4, 2015 1:00 pm

    I try to meditate twice weekly. I would do this daily but there doesn’t seem to be enough time for it. Anyway, it feels amazing when I do it and even a 10 minute session is wonderful and relaxes my mind like nothing else. Many times, after I meditate, I find the answers to pressing questions I have. They seem to come to me out of thin air.

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