Not Just A Wedding But A Marriage

Not Just A Wedding.. But A Marriage! Setting the Foundation

Marriage is a very special bond that two individuals share throughout their lives. It is a connection that ties two individuals, who are destined to be together in a lifetime relationship. This holy union of the two individuals brings together two different cultures as well as two different backgrounds and spreads joy among everyone.

Many couples spend a great deal of time, money and energy planning their wedding, but overlook the need to make the same type of investment in their marriage. After the couple says, “I Do!, they often are perplexed about how to nurture their marriage and find themselves saying, “We’ve Said, I Do, Now What?”

Marriage seems to only bring happiness and make life worth living when it is shared with a partner. Although, it is not easy to make a marriage work. It requires that the two people must know each other well enough before they get married so that in later stages of life, neither of them will regret upon their decision of marrying each other.

Be it a love marriage or an arranged one, the couple should consider all aspects about each other. Especially in an arranged marriage, where two individuals who do not know each other are expected to agree to marry each other. The two individuals should be given sufficient time to know each other. Things such as the likes and dislikes of each other are the most important ones to consider. Further, both of them should know what the other person frowns upon, how the other person handles any stressful situations, how would they react to each other at the time of conflict of opinions, how much right they both have to give their suggestions to each other at the time of important decisions and so on.

Not Just A Wedding, But A Marriage” helps you to build a solid foundation for a successful marriage. You will learn simple, practical lessons, techniques and methods designed to create a strong, healthy, life-long marriage.

Not Just A Wedding, But A Marriage” quite simply is the must-have, comprehensive book and course to help newly engaged couples, as well as already married couples, achieve the marriage of their dreams!  Get the Book Or take the course.

Not Just A Wedding But A Marriage

  • notjustaweddingfoundationNumerous couples work for a considerable length of time to arrange the “ideal” wedding. Each subtle element is tended to and settled on. Emergency arrangements are formulated, schedules are carried out, and arrangements are completely composed and orchestrated. There is even a practice for the enormous day’s occasions. No segment is left to risk; each conceivable condition is imagined and represented. With actually several points of interest to recollect in get ready for a wedding, you may overlook a critical step: marriage arrangement, an examination demonstrated step that adds to enduring relational unions. When we are frantically enamored and longing for exceptional dresses and wedding music, it can be anything but difficult to surmise that marriage will be a ceaseless special first night, loaded with steady glad minutes, sentimental days and evenings, and carefree fun. Really, your marriage can be awesome and loaded with cheerful times… with some arrangement, key abilities, and reasonable desire.  This Book allows you and your partner the opportunity to discuss real life issues before you say “I Do!”  Review some of the pages we have included and image so much more.  Discover who your partner really is and in turn realize who you are.

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