The trials of modern-day parenting

dreamstime_16261927In today’s technology-dominated age, raising children is getting harder and harder to manage. Children nowadays seem to be absorbed with the latest technological gadget, asking for the newest or most trendy toy on the market. Furthermore, monitoring their activity while online is also becoming a greater problem to manage as well.

The most traditional forms of parenting in the past may be rendered irrelevant today; however, studies have shown that one form of parenting ranks superior to others in terms of encouraging children to develop a strong sense of self and independence.

This form of parenting is known as authoritative parenting. In this parenting style, parents will set clear goals, expectations, and consequences by discussing them with their children. Focus on delivering constructive feedback for children who make mistakes and be sure to teach valuable moral and ethical lessons. In today’s age, morality and ethical behavior have been often overlooked, and understanding technology’s role in all of this has been a challenge to the modern-day parent.

While no one style of parenting will work for all children, offering support and understanding, as well as offering important moral instruction and guidance from a young age should instill the proper values needed to raise a well-developed, independent child. Supporting their unique passions rather than imposing your own dreams upon children would also be highly recommended to establish a secure bond of trust between your child and you.

Furthermore, validating their feelings and concerns would be very important as well. For instance, rather than comforting a child who’s crying by saying “Don’t cry,” you would do better to merely comfort said child by asking instead, “What’s wrong?” Asking a question of clarification could improve the communication you have with your child.

Modeling the behavior you wish for your child to imitate would be important as well.

By being the role model for your child through upholding yourself to a high moral and ethical standard, being sure to regulate your own emotions and cognitive well-being is also highly recommended.

Through implementing these parenting strategies, you can then trust your child to conduct and uphold the standards you’ve held them to since birth. Remember that individual children are different as well, so there is no true one-size-fits-all model of parenting; a firstborn child and a second-born child are bound to be quite different, so accommodating for these differences would be conducive for proper child-raising as well.

Christine Wei is an aspiring writer, blogger, and artist. She is an undergraduate student majoring in Public Policy at Duke University and has written numerous articles for The Chronicle, Duke’s student newspaper.

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